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Statements from Parents
What Our Clients Say...
Shannon Santamaria says-
In January Stacey's E.I. Therapist asked me to bring her on site to class.  I gave her a few reasons why I couldn't do that, but in reality they were just excuses to cover up my fear.  I didn't want to be so involved in a group that confirmed to me again that Stacey is handicap.  I was afraid of what I might see in the other kids as well of what people might think of Stacey.

I started the class in February and I laugh that I had been so hesitant.  I realized in the weeks that followed that I had been missing out on the face to face support I needed.  At class, I could see in their faces the same things I felt in my heart.  The love for our children, the pain of their difficulties, and the desire to maximize their potential.  It is easy to become friends when you share something this big in common; kind of like how two pregnant women can instantly connect.

Aside from the benefits of talking to other moms, I love the access to equipment I wouldn't otherwise have.  They are so creative and helpful there.  Stacey is getting exposed to things that would otherwise never happen.  She is learning that there is more to her world then Mom and Dad and siblings.  Her progress is very exciting.  I have gone from dreading going the first time, to dreading the day we have to leave.

There are few places you can go where people don't stare at a child who appears different.  At Baby Steps, no one thinks twice about a 2 year old who can't yet stand, or a one year old who is just learning to roll over, no one does a double take when they see a wheelchair, and everyone stops to cheer on the new accomplishment.  We are all in the same boat, and it's much easier to row as a group.

The improvements I've seen in Stacey are incredible, and I am so grateful to be in class, there is no better place than being on site!

Note:  Shannon Santamaria is a mother of four, including Stacey.

Helena Williams, mother of Marina, says-
"Marina was frustrated and so was I. She was biting her brother several times a day. She never smiled, and we stopped going to play groups because her behavior was so unmanageable. The Baby Steps program was the intervention we all needed. Within four months Marina got her smile and playfulness back. With the support of her caring teacher, she started talking. I am still awed by the progress she made at Baby Steps. Today she holds hands with her brother as they go to pre-school together, a proud graduate of Baby Steps!"

Supervisor Antonovich says-
"The services provided are just what the community needed - Job well done."

Michelle Miller says-
"I couldn't eat or talk. Now I am eating and speaking. The caring staff made the difference."

Lisa Yep, mother of Kiana, says-
"The gross motor program has helped Kiana learn to crawl, sit correctly and pull to stand. The staff shows me different ways to strengthen Kiana's joints and exercises to do to help her walk. The staff also answers questions that I have and gives suggestions."

Vanessa Reagan, whose son just entered the program a few months ago, says- He is already a different boy. His receptive and expressive language was significantly delayed. He used to "tune out" others. The therapy started by teaching him sign language, which encouraged him to "pay attention" and begin communicating. Now he is beginning to vocalize many words, and his speech is emerging. "He's so much happier, less frustrated, and we are thrilled!"





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